Doluca Winery // Doluca Şarapçılık

Storytelling with Landscape and Sequence Çerkezköy, Turkey, 2010 Services: Architecture Typology: Industrial, Factory, Agriculture

Doluca Winery // Doluca Şarapcılık
As Turkey’s most established multi-generational wineries the new production facility aimed to reflect wine’s essential interconnectedness to the region’s agricultural environment. The architectural design inspires the visitor’s imagination through a composed sequence of settings and thresholds. One arrives from the surrounding industrial setting into a sculpted agricultural landscape, in through the arched portal under the façade’s gentle lines of the wood, and up into the pure cylinder geometries to celebrate the sun’s movement and changing seasons– each passing a point of reflection and transformation in the narrative. The memorable experience of the high quality of wine produced pivotal point in the narrative is the barrel room with its expansive size and atmospheric lighting animating the decorative beauty of the vast repetitive aged oak barrels.
Immersive Production with Geometry as Storyteller
Çerkezköy, Turkey. Completed in 2011.

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