Nese Fabrikası

Nese Fabrikası Competition (kindergarten) Selected Design adaptable to 7 climates and geography of Turky Prototype Design: Adıyaman, Turkey, April 2013

A kindergarten and day-care as a community center in the heart of Turkey's industrial zones. The brief calls the design is adaptable to the 7 micro-climates and geography's of Turkey and agile to different size and parcel constraints. A modular system was developed with a central forum, inner clusters, outdoor learning rooms. Critical to the design was dust prevention, prevalent in industrial zones of the region, and a seamless indoor/outdoor play as most regions of Turkey have four distinct seasons.
morning light: arrival
afternoon light: shaded structure and a mix of shaded and open outdoor play. Light penetrates in the inner FORUM. 
Typical room for 3-6 years each with an immediate outdoor learning room.

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